Holy Water Sprinkler Earrings

Holy Water Sprinkler Earrings


These earrings are entirely hand forged from 925 Sterling Silver sheet. Every part is hand soldered and hammered into place.

Holy water sprinklers were historically used in battle as a flail weapon even though these are not considered a flail. Named for its similar appearance to the Catholic Churches aspergillum used in mass to sprinkle holy water on its worshipers. The morning star version of this has darker roots than just sprinkling water onto its victims, but meant to inflict maximum damage and pierce and stab through armor to sprinkle its victims blood on the ground and maybe passerby’s.

Famously wielded by the blind king of Bohemia who famously wielded these about him because one simply has to flail their arms to make contact with an enemy to deal a fatal blow.

I modeled mine after a two off version of this that was made and gifted to members of Mayhem and Burzum famously photographed with Varg.

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