Of (wo)Mans First Disobedience..

Welcome to my little crypt amidst the internet. When I was designing this website I wanted a place to get personal with all of my clients and followers. I feel like the internet has lost most of its ability to touch base with people on more than a superficial basis when it comes to self-promotion of ones art. With the ever changing “algorithm” (cue sideshow bob voice), which is a word I have grown to hate much like someones hate for the word moist. I think it’s important to have somewhere people can invest more than 3 seconds of their time getting to know an artist and what they really represent. It became apparent this year Etsy was not the place for me. I feel like I am so much more than a click to purchase web experience as each piece has a drawn out poetic and romantic idea that support their creation. I think it’s taken some time to figure out why I haven’t enjoyed internet sales up until now. It’s rare when someone lets you know how each piece has gained them something. Wether it be feeling damn fierce with an unsuspecting knife disguised as a ring at a bar that has history of women being drugged at, or feeling fancy as fuck as a managing funeral director while still having earrings that are medieval human slaughtering tools attached to your ears. Essentially I love getting to know all my clients and if I’m not being to forward I hope you’d like to get to know me as well.

Before my life truly began, I found a thriving scene of punks and metal heads in high school, it was my first glimpse at something that felt right to me. Aggressive and yet welcoming to people who loved the music. I immediately tried to learn as much as I could about the bands, what influenced them and drove them to create. Finding small niches of underground worlds along the way, I finally felt like I fit in somewhere. I think listening to Iron Maiden in a grocery store parking lot drinking beer that was stowed away in my friends trunk on a hot summer day was probably what it’s like when people find god. I can still feel the endorphins when I think about listening to my favorite bands for the first time. Iron Maiden is still my favorite band. I was lucky to have found these people and have them in my life. I was also in an area accessible to an underground scene that was thriving. My past rings through in my jewelry designs everything I make I wish I had at one point but can still wear now. I think of clothing, jewelry, belts and accessories as armor. They are a defining feature that you invest into that tells the world FOAD or if my house was burning down I’d save this band shirt. Then there is my favorite I never take this “insert jewelry piece” off! We live in a vain world and how you look tells others who you are. Sometimes our worlds evolve around us and we are sitting there in our dress attire every day trying to look presentable, all the while you have King Diamond stuck in your head feeling no connection to who you really are.

In each piece I’ve ever made since figuring out all of this I think about myself and of my friends lives. Where we are in our lives now as well as our roots. Is this something we could wear to a club and then to work? Is this something that has multiple uses? In putting all this together Haxan Hollow was born. It is my strange part of the world where I’ve collected all of my passions; it is where I fit in. I’ve happily buried myself here above the corpse of who I once was. I can say without my past, the life I live to survive and the life I live to live would not be in existence. Haxan Hollow is my ode to heavy metal for were it not for the first disobedient thing I did to find it I would just be a corpse (figuratively).