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New Copper Plated Pieces

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Every last piece of jewelry that is available are hand carved, cast, forged and finished by hand. Currently for my castings I use .925 Sterling silver or white bronze. For hand forged pieces I primarily work in .925 sterling silver but will have limited amounts of designs in brass from time to time.






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The Hands behind the Jewelry

My name is Jenn but most my friends call me Fowler. I was born in New England and raised in a small town just north of Boston by my Grandmother Rose. She was constantly entertaining me with painting, crocheting, coloring books and my favorite was making jewelry from the various tins of beads she’d collect for me. Little did she know the passions she planted in me would help me out when I found punk rock /heavy metal, and subsequently my love for DIY. After taking my first jewelry class in high school I was hooked but not able to start really getting into silver smithing till later in life. The best things your loved ones leave you are things that are not an object but a passion. Most days I am working in my home studio or in Boston at my day job. I am obsessed with my two dachshunds Frank & Stein and could probably talk about them all day. Follow us on Instagram for more happenings and cute dogs.